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MVPee Custom Scented Urinal Screens A Tale of Two Urinals

MVPee Custom Scented Urinal Screens A Tale of Two Urinals

LeBron is it that men can hit a 12 foot shot but have trouble hitting the mark from only 12 inches?

MVPee aims to swim upstream to change the status quo with scented urinal screens that provide up to thirty days of pleasant odor control, with a printed message to keep your patrons aim correct. Studies cited by American scientist magazine show that providing a subtle target improves aim up to 80%. We at MVPee Custom Urinal Screens think that there are ample targets to keep your patrons both amused and helping their aim.


Putin Pride urinal screenAmuse your patrons with the best urinal screens to “Christen while they’re pissin!”.

Our unique custom scented urinal screen delivery service will provide your bar, restaurant or man cave with fresh urinal screens every 30 days for as low as $9.95 plus a piddly $2.95 flat rate shipping. Thankfully we can always count on our elected politicians (Anthony Weiner, Obama, tea party ) , athletes ( a-rod, Tiger) and Hollywood (Lindsay Lohan, Miley cyrus) for fresh urinal screen material.

Hilary clinton urinal screen

You may have a local politician, local proposition, Hollywood anti-heroine or other issue that you would like printed on your urinal screens. Better Call Saul? Maybe your best friend is a DWI lawyer or Taxicab owner who wants to PAY YOU to advertise in your urinal with custom urinal screens. Want to remind your patrons to designate a driver or the high cost of a DUI? If you want to submit an idea, we are always on the lookout so feel free to contact us.